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Tech Trap House : The Rose that Grew From Concrete

The Tech Trap House (TTH) was created to bridge the community gap between underrepresented communities and the tech industry using arts, music, and gaming. Hip N Paint (HNP) lasts for 3 hours and is geared towards painting enthusiasts. TTH is a 6-hour event where music and paint artists, techies, and gamers, come together to have fun with the purpose of closing the community gap.

Inspired by Tupac, our event theme was created to show people that it's not the cards of life that dictate your life but how you can adapt to your surroundings. 

Hip-N-Paint (HNP) is Sip and Paint with a Hip-Hop Twist. Bring your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whoever to sip some good dranks and express your creativity through painting. Hip-N-Paint starts at 6-9pm and continues until 12 am in conjunction with the Tech Trap House.

Earlier Event: September 17
Lunch and Gather at Node - AR/VR Discussion