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nvntrMIXER, happy hour, inventor, entrepreneur and investor mingle

For the first time, nvntr is presenting several Bay Area inventors with fascinating new products - now ready for the public to try, feel, see or eat! 

Come and learn about inventions that will make a difference in the world, and enjoy a day of experiential showcases and presentations. 

Meet the minds:

Sri Artham, Hooray foods, presenting; Plant Based Bacon. 

After cutting hamburgers out of his diet - one of his favorite foods ever - thanks to the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, Sri Artham set out to create a plant-based bacon to satisfy every bacon lover’s craving and alleviate their guilt. In just three months he went from idea to his first restaurant where it’s selling like gangbusters - come find out how he did it!

Rob Brown,; Music learning software.

Ever been jealous of the people who learn an instrument without further thought? Try Robs' new piano learning software that can present any youtube song for you in the form of color coded keys. Play the game and you will play the piano in no time!

Torrey Pines Smith, The Endiatx Pill Robot, health diagnostics capsule.

The Endiatx Pill Robot is a diagnostic capsule capable of traversing the full length of the GI tract in approximately 30 mins, including the full length of the small intestine.

Their videogame-like interface lets doctors perform sedation-free endoscopy inn places they simply haven't been able to. Until now.


Complimentary healthy snacks from local food entrepreneurs paired with wine and beer. 

Do you have an idea or invention you would like to show? - LET US KNOW! 

Pitches, stands or demos welcome!

About nvntr: 

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