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Storytelling in Disruptive Innovation

Market disruption is desired by innovators because it gives market entrants power. But new products that define entirely new categories break the status quo. While adding value they can also step on toes and put others at disadvantage. 

What works to compel others to participate in new economic platforms? 

How can innovators minimize the potential and likely backlash?

Storytelling matters. Properly done, this is listening to constituents and responding to their stories with stories. This panel is crucial because it brings people together to share why, what and how we should use storytelling in major disruptive innovation projects.

In this one-hour session (including audience Q&A), you will hear panelists answer specific questions of why innovation matters, where innovation is occurring today ( focus on blockchain and crypto projects but not to the exclusion of others) and how they are using story to communicate their messages.

The panel includes valued thought leaders from industry (enterprise and blockchain communities) and academia (conflict and communication expertise). They are led by a moderator with direct experience in the early stages of the Internet, when a revolution happened that stuck.


Location - Node, 1011 Kearny Street, San Francisco

Date - June 11, 2019

Time - 6-8pm (doors open at 6, event starts at 6:30pm, networking at 7:30pm)


Stewart Noyce - As a marketing professional launching the Internet in the early 90’s, Stewart Noyce learned what it takes to change the world and keep it changed.


Erica Blair - As a branding consultant and blockchain advocate, Erica Blair connects visionary technology companies to their global audience through inspired leadership and powerful communication.

Byron Bland - As Associate Director of the Stanford Center for International Conflict and Negotiation, Byron Bland worked to build peace for over 30 years in areas of intractable conflict, including Northern Ireland and Palestine. 

John-Michael Scott - From decades of project management experience in companies of all sizes, John-Michael Scott drives change and new product introductions to successful conclusion. 

Cybele Zufolo Siegel - Dancer, teacher, actor and founder of Word Performances, Cybele Zufolo Siegel communicates a message to an audience with the soul of a passionate artist.