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Tech Trap House

What is Hip-N-Paint?

Hip-N-Paint is Sip and Paint with a Hip-Hop Twist.

Bring your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whoever to sip some good dranks and express your creativity through painting. Hip-N-Paint starts at 6-9pm and continues until 12 am in conjunction with the Tech Trap House.

There are limited spaces for painters so be sure to get your tickets NOW!! The event will feature music from DeBray's personally curated Spotify playlist, "Underestimated, Never Faded". The playlist features music by local Hip-Hop artists including "Ms. Incredible", "Fly Benzo", "Slim Collins" and more... Listen to the playlist on Spotify ->

What is the Tech Traphouse?

The Tech Traphouse is the convergence between indie artists, emerging technologies, and the Arts. We are a launchpad new indie music artists, painting artists, techies, and gamers. At this event, you will see the vibrancy of the Bay Area music scene and meet people work in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR, and etc. Each TTH zone will have a different experience.

With the purchase of your Gold ticket, it will include access to Hip-N-Paint.

Here's the Three Different Party Zones:

1. Hip N Paint - Couples or singles will be sipping wine and painting Picassos

2. Indie Artist & Music - 2 local indie artists and we will play your favorite hip hop and popular music

3. Smash Brothers Game - Gaming section for the gamers


9:00 pm - Networking

9:30 pm - Welcome Announcements

9:45 pm - Zones Begin

Indie Artist Highlights:

Dez Mac:




Dez Mac AKA Desmond McElroy hails from Youngstown, Ohio and grew up with a love for hip hop/rap. From an early age, he would always recite rap lyrics from influential artist to his mom, friends, teammates and class mates-everyday. It was like you couldn't go a day without hearing a J.Cole or Kendrick lyric from him in class. In Biology class, he would just sit there and write lyrics in his planner to make the time go by faster. He knew he had a gift but didn't start pursuing a career in music until he moved to San Francisco. He took a leap of faith and moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in music, lived in shelters, worked at the YMCA while working on an app, moviiies.





Breathless aka Honey B is all Hip Hop, No Substitutions. An Emcee and a touring Artist, Breathless has visited stages all across the nation and internationally. Lyrical & Passionate. Honey B withholds years of experience as a professional in the business with a great reputation and work ethic. She received an Omaha Entertainment Award for Best Hip Hop/Rap artist, performed on The Warped Tour circuit, San Francisco Pride Main Stage, Oakland Pride (Womyns & Main Stage), rocked over 175 shows a year, charted on radio stations internationally and still has time to volunteer at women and youth organizations and schools. Breathless also does ghostwriting, voice over/on-air talent, and has co-founded an all female art collective, Venus Rising Collective based in Oakland empowering and uplifting women around the world. She currently performs with DJ Lex (Souls of Mischief & Heiro DJ). The Face Of Hip Hop Has Evolved.

You will get two alcoholic drinks with your ticket.

This is event has been done in collaboration with Corey Harris, Blackchain Founder, and DeBray and Talea Carpenter.

MLC ( Marie Lueur Creations ) is a brand that creates one-of-a-kind shirts, sweaters and jackets for men. Most of the fabrics are sourced in Africa and Europe and are handmade in California. Come and check out the garments and make your first order.

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