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Towards Immutable Design: How Blockchain Changes (Almost) Everything About Design

Please join fellow Bay Area entrepreneur Matt Cutler, founder & CEO of Blocknative (, for a 120 minute interactive discussion focused on how blockchain forces a foundational rethinking of Design – and just how early we are in this process. Expansive in scope, the discussion will range from private keys and wallet types to story telling and modern mythology.

Who this is for: Entrepreneurs who are interested in diving deeper into the countless ways that blockchain-based technologies intersect with the human experience – in ways both modern and ancient.

About your guide: Blocknative is the seventh startup (!!) Matt has cofounded. He’s from Boston but moved to the Bay Area in 2014 after Cisco bought his last company. He’s @mcutler on most major social media platforms, including Twitter, Linked, Facebook, and Medium. Matt lives in Marin with his wife, three kids, and two dogs.