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Tech Trap House

What is the Tech Traphouse?

The Tech Traphouse is the convergence between indie artists, emerging technologies, and the Arts. We are a launchpad new indie music artists, painting artists, techies, and gamers. At this event, you will see the vibrancy of the Bay Area music scene and learn about emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR, and etc. Each TTH zone will have a different experience. 

Your Ticket Includes Access to Hip-N-Paint

Here's the Four Different Party Zones:

1. Peace - People will be able to have 1-to-1 conversations overlooking street traffic 

2. Hip N Paint - Couples or singles will be sipping wine and painting Picassos

3. Indie Artist & Music - 2 local indie artists and we will play your favorite hip hop and popular music

4. Smash Brothers Game - Gaming section for the gamers


9:00 pm - Networking

9:30 pm - Welcome Announcements

9:45 pm - Zones Begin

Indie Artist Highlights:

A.R The Believer - Soundcloud

He is a Muslim Hip Hop Artist from North Oakland, CA. His music reflects the spiritualness and historical legacy of the Black Muslim community. In his spare time, he organizes Muslim college student meetups in the Bay Area. His style is a blend of high tempos, old school sampling, different flow styles and patterns to convey his heavily political message. He blends multiple genres and works with a wide variety of musicians which is conducive to his distinctive and original sound.

JahniahOmi - Soundcloud

JahniahOmi is a Rasta style flower-child of Oakland. She heals through artistic expression-sound and visual movement are her two primary mediums. She experiments with sound frequencies and focuses on giving the audience a healing education session in addition to the entertainment and inspires to do healing with art within the Black community through her journey of a healing circle for sistren empowerment called the WOMBS-Women of the Mind Body and Soul-Spiritually Ascending. My dream is to share our struggle and strength to the world and I utilize my art as an educational multi-dimensional healing experience.

You will get two alcoholic drinks with your ticket.

This is event has been done in collaboration with Blackchain, and NewMoney.