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NODE New Economy Series, live jazz and debate - Zach Resnick

In the Node New Economy series, Ezra's Zach Resnick brings together a panel on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss major disruptions in the blockchain world.

Speakers will include Orest Byskosh, Zach Resnick, and more to be decided soon!

In the inaugural event, we will be covering Mimblewimble.

What is the protocol? Why is it important for privacy and blockchain scalability? How do the implementations of Beam and Grin differ?

Recommended resources ahead of time:

Jackson Palmer's What is MimbleWimble?:

What is Grin Coin & MimbleWimble? Complete Beginner’s Guide:

Zach Resnick's recommended reading list:"

The Ezra New Economy Fund is an impact investment fund's whose mission is to support top blockchain founders, companies, and decentralized networks in distributing power to the new economy - an economy built on sound store of value assets and distributed marketplaces. ->

Earlier Event: February 10