Blockchain Development Bootcamp

Over six days, a small group of experienced software engineers work together to gain valuable skills for blockchain development.  Led by an experienced instructor, currently working in a crypto startup, you learn how to deploy smart contracts using Solidity and create decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.  Join us for a hands-on experience that prepares you to lead blockchain development projects.

Smart Contracts

Over the course of five two-hour lunch and learn sessions, business architects learn about crypto economics and the unique requirements of blockchain software.  This is the perfect opportunity for anyone to learn the basics of smart contracts and the value that they add in an application. After this learning experience, you can identify great crypto opportunities and lead a team to build out your new product idea.

Founder Funding

In one action-packed five hour session, company founders pitch from their current decks and get instant feedback and advice from fellow founders.  You will leave the seminar with a new set of slides and actionable advice for how to improve your chances of financing your startup. Seth Goldstein and Stewart Noyce lead the workshop from practical real world experience: Seth has raised over $100m as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and VC; while Stewart has extensive product launch experience, including a reboot of Certicom that led to a $40m+ private placement.